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Bag Filters

High efficiency extended area bag filters, offered in different sizes, capacities and efficiencies. With an advanced design, it has a long service life, low pressure drop and high retention capacity. It is made to better the interior air quality. Used also as prefilter for HEPA. Available with antibacterial and in a wide range of sizes and bag length with four efficiencies: MERV 15 (90-95%), MERV 14 (80-85%), MERV 11 (60-65%), and MERV 8 (40-45%). Certified by UL Class 1.

Formed by individual bags, how many depends on particular specifications. Each of these bags is subdivide through sealed internal seams that run along the length of the bag in tubular sections. These seams create a uniform channel through which the air flows with minimum resistance and ensure a high retention capacity; the internal reinforcement controls the bags through different conditions along the operation, maximizing the filter media use and lengthening is use life The exterior borders are closed with an overlapping seam of 2 and 5 threads with a security chain to avoid the air bypass and guarantee maximum durability and security A thermoplastic resin against air leaks, seals, protects and ensures the expansion controlling the media.



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