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Hepa - Ulpa

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filters have the highest efficiency in the current market, they are used as final filter in clean rooms and other applications where it’s required ultimate cleanliness like the semiconductors, electronic, pharmaceutical industries, food processing, hospitals and laboratories.

Each HEPA filter is individually tested before its shipped to ensure it meets the efficiency and air resistance requirements to which it was built. HEPA filters are available in a variety of efficiencies from 99,97% tested en 3 µm particles up to 99,99995%

AstroCel II ®

AstroCel I designed to direct 125 FPM in 5 7/8" depth and 250 FPM in 11 1/2"  depth with and initial resistance of 1,0” W.G. Built with a variety of materials such as compressed sawdust, galvanized sheet metal, steel and aluminum.

Available in gel seal. The separators are available in aluminum and vinyl. AstroCel HCX High capacity are designed to direct up to 500 FPM, 2000 CFM (24 "x 24" for 11 1/2" size) with a 1.40” C.A. of initial resistance.

TM-2, TM-2-CG, TM-4, TM-4-CG®
TM-2 & TM-4 are light HEPA modules ready to be conected to the duct, they are built in aluminum and offer a maximum performance in clean rooms.


Ultrafine paper media
Built in wood and metal
Joint and gel seals
Aluminum separators
4 efficiencies - 95%, 99,97%, 99,99%, 99,999% in
0. 3 microns


Minipleat Separators

Ultrafine microglass paper media
Aluminum sides
Joint and gel seal
4 efficiencies - 99,97%, 99,99%, y 99,999% in 3 microns; 99,9995% 12 micron.

Separator style high capacity HEPA filters

Velocity 500 fpm a 1,35 " W.G.
99,97%, 99,99% efficiency

2000 Micro-V mini pleat

fpm 500 @ 1,0 " W.G.
99,97%, 99,99% fpm efficiency @ 500
99,999% fpm efficiency @ 400

Clean Room ceiling modules

Aluminum built
2' x 2' and 2' x 4' sizes
Low profile design 5-7/8 " depth.
Three efficiencies- 99,99% and 99,999% in 3 micron; 99,9995% in 12 micron

Ceiling modules with replaceable filter
Aluminum built



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