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Commercial Panel Filters
Filtros Tipo Panel

Used widely as pre-filters for higher efficiency ones or to protect the AC evaporators, they also works as heating exchangers against dirt.

Designed for heavy load conditions additional to dust. Available in a wide range of sizes of 1” and 2”. They are built on fiber glass or polyester filaments depending on preference, joined by a thermal resin, which density is more concentrated toward the air return end.  Due to this the smaller particles are retained at the return and the filter media gets saturated in its entirety.

Among their benefits, they present low air resistance, are affordable, adhesive impregnated, have metal on both sides and are UL Class 2.

Some of the specific applications and uses include but are not limited to: paint booths, comerce, residence, factories, movie theaters, laboratories, automotive industry, banks, restaurants, etc.



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