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Paint booth filters

The self-adhesive design provides a quick and easy installation no clips, tensors or hooks are required.

Available in 4-ply, 3-ply with different widths. The layers of media resistant to polyester are sealed around the entire filter’s perimeter, leaving the wire frame inside them

They are used for air supply in paint booths, whether it is dust, water or oil based and for bodywork.


They retain the paint after it has been dispersed by the pressure paint guns, to prevent contamination from the paint’s emission and some VOC’s

Filtros para Casetas de Pintura


A special thermoplastic resin resistant to air leaks, seals, protects and assures the expansion controlling the media.

They are designed to retain great amounts of paint with low initial resistance levels.

Filtros para Casetas de Pintura

We have these and other products available with JIT (just in time) delivery

Filtros para Casetas de Pintura



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