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Pleated Filters
35% Efficiency Perfect Pleat ®
A true innovation , PerfecPleat pleated panel filter has better retention, better construction and larger filtration area than any other in the current market.

35% - 65% Efficiency Am Air®
Pleated panel filter with different options: high temperature, high flow capacity, 35% to 65% efficiency and available with Intersept® antibacterial

RigiFil® Cartridge Rigid Filter
RigiFil is a superficial extended rigid filter that is durable. Is ideal for Varialble Air Volume (VAV) systems. Available in efficiencies between 65% and 95%

Bio Cel I ®

Provides a highly perceivable filter efficiency than other extended surface filters. It has an initial efficiency of 95% DOP. It offers an alternative for critical uses, such as hospitals, where HEPA filters are not required

VariCel I® y VariCel II®

The best efficiency recommended for Variable Air Volume systems. Available with Intersept® antibacterial (90% efficiency). VariCel is built with cells with metal sides and steel frame and has depths of 6” and 12”. VariCel II offers a slim line design with the middle depth of 4”.

VariCel V - Merv 5®

VariCel V & MERV 15 represent a new catergory in efficiency and hig capacity. Mini pleat filters.They offer 50% less particle penetration than a MERV 14 (90-95% efficiency) the best of them. This efficiency increment comes with a minimal increase in resistance, therefore it can be used in any system that uses 90% in filters, it accommodates V-bank design. For the best performance in IAQ it can be purchased with Intersept® antibacterial.



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