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Our services

Mechanical Consulting and Supply Inc. Services are backed up by a team of Experts with over 2 decades of experience. Our goal is to keep your equipment at its operational best and free of any flaws. All of this at the best possible price!

I offer a consulting program for all projects related to air conditioning, chillers, dust collectors, air filtration, ducts and others. We will solve all questions you have on the project you are building regardless of its size.

Project Engineering
If you find our recommendations useful during the consulting process, then, for an additional cost we will translate them into formal projects to ensure the success and efficiency of your systems.

Industrial Filtration
We have the most extensive catalog in the market, this to satisfy all type of filtration’s needs. We have an outstanding customer service department and one of the best delivery times. We deliver all throughout America.

Green services (only USA)

If you suspect your air conditioning system is not working in the optimal way, we can assist you by referring you to the proper authorities and verify if you qualify for a free testing and energy efficiency optimization.




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